How to get adopted into a Native American tribe?

OK yes a little upset, sorry.

I have answered this question a number of times in the past however, this time it was asked on a yahoo site and the 'BEST' answers worried me, because they must have been answered by some very young "Indians"?

First thing to settle this question would be to ask your Lenni Lenape neighbors, they are a very friendly group of people?

A traditional Adoption ceremony into a traditional tribe of my people, as a full member of that tribe, had been a normal occurrence by most traditional American Natives up and down the east coast long before and for some time after first contact!

Only after the government controlled casino Indians did this change however, just because some of the newer Indians claim a non adoption it has and will never have an effect on our traditional people!

I have no interest and no intention of telling these new age government Indians or any other tribal people for that matter, how to do their ceremonies or culture and I would appreciate the same respect from them!

In all of the years that my people, while traveling the red road around Indian country, did any of us ever tell a tribe how they should run their culture and it never accrued to do so.

The biggest problem out or the powwow trail is the wannabe "Spiritual leaders" claiming the right to perform (as in a circus) quickie Sacred Ceremonies, usually for pay and with some non native reason. Questions please?

If you get married, adopted or get a name within a day it was by a PHONEY!

If you get adopted by a true Traditional Spiritual Leader, you are now a full blood!

You do not lose your past you gain your future.

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