Comanche burial grounds

I have new updates about the grave site from my two friends, they both wish to walk with anyone wishing to walk the land so we have no problem finding the way, both of my new friends are natives so have no fear about the mission. As stated earlier we, my friends and I wish to protect their safety for now from un known harm so please contact this old man for your information, questions and/or statement. When Creators time is right we will all know everything.

The most important thing now is to help protect the sacred grounds and get a qualified leader for a crossing ceremony?

Words from our new friends in Creators name AHO

" The site is located outside of the small, historical town of Cransfills Gap in very rough terrain in Texas rattler territory and other dangerous obstacles on the way!!


There is NO map to the site the only map is embedded in our minds!! We wish and feel the need to be part of the preservation of this historical site. So please once a contact has been established to further investigate, please honor us by keeping us in contact and copied on all correspondence in this subject matter via email at this time. At a later date we will proudly be personally involved, with your blessing. Then provide current contact information.


As this task & burden has honorably chosen us to see that honor and great respect be restored and never forgotten so we will uphold the history of this nations Native people"!

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