When smudging your house does it get rid of the good spirits

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Smudging ones home


I have a few websites and postings about this because in is very important and far too many "Experts" are teaching wrong.

Creator is watching you! If you do not know, please find someone to teach you before you preach the wrong message?

Sorry my friends but, I just cannot keep up with phonies, I am outnumbered!

This is simple to understand, if you will only stop a while and pray a little?

About half of the spirits that you many encounter are not good or bad but Lost Spirits.

The original question asked however not asked to me, was.

"As per my other post I have a female spirit in my house who can't leave.

Anyway for this and in general, if the spirit is GOOD, will smudging hurt them?

And how do I get them to leave if they're "stuck"?

My answer.

Stop, clear your mind, pray, listen, then just ask how you can help?

This was an extremely traumatic experience for your spirit, person. Find out what happened then tell them to ask Creator (God) to help them? or just send them to Creator. If you do not know how to send them to Creator, please send them to me? SIMPLE?

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