NRA/Gun rights activist~ HELP!

Politicians please read!


OK all of you NRA and Gun rights activists it is now time to put your guns where your mouth is!

You have been stating in your emails, websites and blogger postings that you believe that our governments want to control you, so you need your guns to protect yourselves? Well, the vast amount of citizens of Canada and the United States of America have been saying for years now that we do not want the dirty Keystone pipe line and for many good reasons however, it would seem that these two governments do not care! Our native brothers and sisters are gathering together making ready for war and could use your help NOW!

Native Americans unite to fight pipelines, including Keystone XL

We already have far too many pipelines trashing our precious Ecosystem system we do not need this sludge leaking on our land and into out drinking water? If we do not stop these money hungry, greedy, crooked politicians what's next?
Yes, Please pick me up on your way? No more Mr. Nice Guy

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