One win for our Native American Woman

Just checked my mail and though you may be interested it this?

After a long battle with this bread company and the use of a slander word used to sell one of their products, we win this one.

Milton's Baking via bluehornet.com  1:23 PM (23 hours ago)

Update From Milton's Craft Bakers

Dear Sachem ,

At Milton's Baking Company, we believe in delivering great-tasting products with wholesomeness and nutrition you can feel good about eating. You recently reached out to us with your concerns about the name of one of our products. Please know that we take any issues raised by our consumers seriously.

 After evaluating the needs of our consumers, retailers and partners, we have decided to replace the Milton's Squaw Bread with a new product which strengthens our heritage of nutritious and delicious craft-baked breads. We plan on making this transition by the end of 2013, and we will update you via email once the new product is available in stores.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We will continue to bake and distribute our other delicious breads including our Original Multi-Grain and Healthy Whole Grain breads, which you will be able to find in your favorite store.


 Rebecca On Behalf of Milton's Baking Company


The last of my many letters to

Milton Bakery

A special blessings to all of you that helped bring this situation to a good close from our Creator and our women.

Together we work for the good of our people, Mother Earth and creation.

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