Only write after a prayer?

There is another old saying, "One should never open mouth, or in my case write, before you put your brain in gear"!

I wrote a posting a few days ago in response to an Email I receiver from an Indian? "Native Religion Eagle Feather Teachings"!

Eagle feather teachings


That letter just once again proves that even a Spiritual Elder can and will stumble an fall now and again, because I did get a little too angry and wrote my answer before praying about it. Being right is never enough. Being in control of your writing is. So I apologized to Creator and now to my friends on Word press. I clicked Delete on the Emails and do not plan on answering by Email however, I am writing.

As a lover of all Creation I just will never understand some things?


Now to the subject at hand.

Many letters from many Indians followed to explain to me, in their own way, the need of Eagle Feathers in their Sacred Ceremonies.

I have never and will never get into another person's believe unless to ask or answer a question, I have enough to do with ceremonies of my people.

The Eagle in most tribes is the messenger to and from Creator, therefore most tribes consider it the most important bird of prey of all.

My question is and I am only asking, " If the Eagle is so revered and because of this, it is needed for your Sacred Ceremony, why do you kill it"?

If your Supreme Being is telling you that you must have a Bird of Prey (Eagle) or you cannot hold your Sacred Ceremony, shouldn't you be trusting your Supreme Being to provide you with the necessary parts to your Bird of Prey (Eagle)?

If one goes into battle and comes out a victory, do we thank our Creator by killing the messenger of our request to our Creator so that we can hold a sacred ceremony to thank are Creator for the blessing?

Do we need to have the most Eagle Feathers on our Regalia at gatherings to show everyone just why we are better than them?

Look at me, how great I am, I can kill an Eagle without being killed, so now I can wear it's body parts on my body parts!

Sorry you all, I am still confused?

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