Walk a mile in my Moccasin's

1976 Military uprising in Buenos Aires Argentina

I am thinking that we should keep a close eye on the new pope however, condemn him not but enjoy the refreshing difference?

Native American have always said, "before judging someone walk a mile in their moccasin's"!

Remember the Dali Lama while the Chinese were assimilating Tibet?

The Dali Lama did not stay around to try to stop the Chinese He lived to fight another day, do you hold that against him?

A dead man can help no one?

Look to the bible and read what Jesus thinks.

Luke 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

John 8:7 He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.

Christians believe that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. What has always been on my mind as a Native American that enjoys reading books like the bible is, " If this is true why do those Christians treat their pope as their god"?

Pope Francis seems to agree and is teaching the world how he feels the world should be a Christian. Lets back off a little and give the man a chance?


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