The many ceremonies of our people

Out of all of our ceremonies Matriarch/ Naming/Adoption/ are the ones that keep coming up on my trackers the most for one reason or another?


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I just covered the Naming Ceremony and it has not been all that long since covering our Matriarch or our Adoption ceremony however, the one common thread with all three and the rest of our ceremonies is not covered often enough on the internet.

There is only one ceremony to become the Head Clan Mother (Matriarch).

There is only one ceremony to be adopted.

There is only one way to receive your Traditional Eastern Woodland American Native Name with our people.

To become a Matriarch you must have been born or correctly adopted into the Clan.

To be correctly adopted you must have also had the correct Naming Ceremony.

To have your True Traditional Name you must have gone through a True Traditional Naming Ceremony.

One cannot have a real Native American Name by receiving it from some wannabe at some gathering or powwow and never at a Paw-paus because there will be no wannabes around that circle. I hope that this can put the questioning to rest for a little while?

To some of my postings, this one is about Matriarchs.

 Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe.



Matriarch ( Clan Mother)

Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe.

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