Spiritual Teacher, what is that?

This is something that no one has ever asked about and I have been using those words since the age of six.

As a child I have had the opportunity to meet and study under a few.

All of the ones that were members of my Grandfathers meetings were extremely humble while firm in their commitment to Creator, the people, the culture and our ceremonies. All of them studied for many years under an ancestor.

As I became older I started thinking that Spiritual Teachers were Creators way of showing a sense of humor, because every time I say no to a deed Creator wished, in the end the correct answer is yes Creator. For instance, speaking in public, I am not good at it and do not like doing it so, I usually end up on a stage or classroom teachers desk speaking to strangers. Also, I would rather sit and talk and have someone else try to make sense out of what my mind knows and my mouth is trying to say and put it down in writing. So, here I am writing a blogger?

 Anyway to know a true teacher take a look at the new Catholic Pope or read about the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Like the rest of us, they are/were human however, they are/were trying to teach Creator the way everyone should be teaching Creator. Also read about the short life of the Christian savior Jesus Christ.

A true Spiritual Teacher, teaches by doing and showing with understanding and most of all never takes your money! If you wish to see a Spiritual Teacher they are like our true Traditional Medicine men and women. You must catch them doing their thing, sometimes you will find them in the back trying to be inconspicuous while being pulled up front by the people. However, if they are in a room with a phony Medicine person or teacher, all bets are off just get out of the way and enjoy!

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