Fathers roll in naming?


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Looking for information about

Can a father name his own in Native American naming ceremony?

To some of my postings about your interest.

As you can see, I have been writing about this for some time now however, because it is about another very sacred subject I am happy to write more.

If the above question is as I see it

 “Can a father name a ceremony”?

Yes, call it any name that you feel comfortable with”?

If the question is

 “Can a father request a name for his child”?

Again the answer is Yes, we usually ask each interested relation to write down 3 names that they like, with the understanding that as with EVERY NAME, Creator will be doing the naming through your prayer requests if and when Creator feels that the person is ready for a name!

Naming Ceremony Protocol

Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol.

Tribal Adoption Native American


Sacred Naming Protocol.

Naming Ceremony Protocol.

If the question is

"Can a father or anyone else give a Native American name to the child"?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

Only Creator can complete any True Traditional Native American Ceremony"!

That said, "I see in today's paper that our scientists have found God again" !

First, it is new to me because I did not know that God was lost?

It would now seem that Creator (God) is not a Supreme Being after all, just a God Partial made up of Super Glue?


Humans can't live with them, can't live without them! :-(



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