This may sound cold hearted at first?

Wounded Knee has made a difference for Native Americans

I have spent most of my life traveling around hundreds of so called non Indian tribes.

So, it needs to be said and said often. Wounded Knee was not the only massacre of Native Americans by the Euro American invaders and by no means the worst in our history with the Euro Americans.

It is, by design, the one that keeps attention away from so many other suffering Native Americans by the cruel lack of attention from our ruling government!

It is also an extremely easy fix.

First this government, the one that opened up a town called White Clay, a town of about 14 people and the only town around Pine Ridge allowed to sell booze and sells only booze, must be shut down by this government and returned to the Native American owners!

This country is giving billions of our tax dollars to our military to build better ways to use alternative energy, why not build at least one plant in Pine Ridge?

White clay, Nebraska/ Wounded Knee Nebraska

Then stop giving money and material and give a way to make jobs for the people, also very easy to do by building alternative energy plants?

This country and her people keep throwing money and material at a problem only in hopes that it will go away, it will not go away until it no longer is a problem!

It is now time to start the repairing of those hundreds of thousands of Native Americans in the rest of Indian Country that we are shunning rather than helping let alone throwing money and material at, you remember them, the ones that we just took their land and or lives?

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