Indians and their Feathers

Before I begin, no self-respecting Traditional believer in Creator will go out and kill a creation just to hold a ceremony. When our ancestors needed food they asked in prayer for permission from the prey they wish to eat, if the food up and left it was a sign. When our ancestors needed a feather, they asked the bird for a feather, if it was really needed the bird had plenty and would provide it.

Again the biggest problem with (INDIANS) Native Americans is that they still do not wish to unite!

Every other race of people on Mother Earth understands that together is the only way to get the ruling powers attention!

Each section of Indian country tribe's, believes that their gripe with the federal government is the only one that matters to them, this is really not so hard to believe, we cannot even agree about what name we want the non's to call us! Indian? No, Native American? No, American native? No, American Indian. No call me by my tribe. No, because many of us have families from two or three tribes?

Each and every time we get into one of our "ME FIRST" phase the government both state and federal are laughing at us and they have been laughing for centuries now!

Fifty percent of Indian Country are out in the cold now because of not sticking together. the other half sold their soles and their people to the non's and never turned back to see the damage that they did to their own people.

All that the following people just want to have their tribal rights to a feather. What about your brothers and sisters people?

The other half, the so call “Recognized people” are also laughing because they can get a feather, tuff on their brothers and sister, let them fend for themselves!

Waccamaw tribe chief blasts federal rule on ceremonial eagle feathers

Some state recognized tribes in South Carolina fighting for right to use eagle feathers in ceremonies; currently, only federally recognized tribes allowed to use eagle feathers in ritual

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