Interesting article sent to my Email today

First a little humor to help take away the bad taste, so to speak, throughout this posting. :-(

America's toughest milkman: Officer becomes internet sensation after he's pictured delivering two gallons to family with young children during lock down. :-)



Please ignore a little hiccup about a Whiteman's movie (Harper Lee’s novel ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’)? I do not write horror movies, it is also not my intent to just scare you.

The Cherokee people where not the only tribal people to use 'walk a mile in my Moccasins'!

The title got my attention, the article got into my past thoughts!

A walk in ‘American Shoes’

I, along with the rest of this country must help Boston celebrate being Boston Strong and keep singing along with them Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline!

This country is in no way equipped to handle a full blown terror attack!

This is not necessarily a bad thing however, it better be a WAKE UP CALL!

Need an explanation?

The two Tsarnaev brothers were armature Terrorist!

If not for we the people ?

Remember the number bombs that they were throwing out of that stolen car at the police in their get a way attempt? Where were they planning to attack next?



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