Why can't one ever be adopted at a powwow?

First, if you are adopted or you adopt in a non native situation as you will see from the following article, at any time you could end up in court with a very real possibility of no longer being adopted or you could lose the person that you adopted.

If you have been to a powwow or gatherings in this age of casino Indians and someone adopted you, gave you an Indian name or in any way you were told that you were now able to join a ceremony or our culture, you have been duped!

You are still a non native!


It is not permitted for me to open up our Sacred Ceremonies to discussion, it must be suffice to say if this happened to you, you still do not have the blood, you cannot join any true traditional tribal group of people, most of all you cannot get into any casino money!

Anyone that still needs to know why my people have only one way to be adopted and why it takes so long to be adopted?

Three words for you to think about!

Baby Veronica’s Case?

Just one of thousands.

How many times have you ever heard about a True Traditional American Native Tribal Adoption going sour?

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