What to do with Silver Springs Florida?

A dozen years ago, alarm over the decline of Florida's springs drew the attention of political leaders in Tallahassee. Then-Gov. Jeb Bush launched an initiative to save the 1,000-plus springs throughout the state. That program was defunded last year by Florida's current governor, Rick Scott. I ask you WHY, what is his plan now?


We must give Silver Springs back to the original owners!

BUT, you say, all of the original people of Florida, like many of the rest of Indian Country, has been decimated by European Americans and/or their plagues?

I say wrong, many of the true traditional peoples of Indian country and Florida are still in Florida.

Before you go jumping into any fast conclusions hear me out please?

My assignment for over 50 years now from my Sachem's was to seek our displaced indigenous peoples and counsel with them over a sacred fire of truth and understanding.

To my admiration, while in Florida, I find that most of the true traditionalist now living around here do not want to join society as we now know it!

Yes, the first people of this area have long since been assimilated.

The Ocali Indians, (Ocali, a sub province of Timucuan) a mixture of Timucuan and Yamasee (a tribe from Carolina) was forced out by the Spaniards.

Timucuan Indians settled around Silver Springs in the early 1500s. They were soon invaded by the Spaniards.

After many battles the Ocali Indians were able to retain their claimed territory.

In time, the Timucuan were succeeded by other Indian tribes including the Seminole Indians.

The Seminole people are a mixture of defeated Indian tribes from the north forced down into the area and on through into the Everglades so they are also gone!

After a brief period of British occupation, Florida reverted to Spain and land grants were sold to those Spanish citizens to settle in Florida.

When the United States acquired Florida in 1821, the population of Marion County consisted largely of Native Americans and African Americans, where did these people go?

European Americans did not occur until after a 1823 treaty was passed that restricted Native Americans to the southern portion of Florida.

We now do not know what to do with this area?

Give Silver Springs back to this the original people, not the casino Indians, the real true traditional people now living in and around Florida, with a government grant and walk away, watch what happens.


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