The European Americans have Finally learn the French word Déjà


If I wish to believe that the Sky is yellow, this is none of your business, in this free country you can believe that the sky is Blue, none of my business!
Definition: "The phrase déjà vu is French for already seen and is used to refer to when a person experiences the feeling that they have seen, experienced, or been someplace before even when they are sure that that is not really true. So, for example, a person who arrives at a new city they have never before visited may experience déjà vu on a street, experience the intense feeling that they have been on that street at some point in the past".
Believers, your own bibles tell you that your arch enemy will destroy you from within.
 Guess what?
Your arch enemy is here and hard at work today!
The first invaders to our land came looking for freedom of religion, persecution and brutal non believers!
They soon became the persecutors and began brutally forcing their belief on our people!
Now that the shoe is on the other foot these same people are complaining about injustice?
One very sad 'man' has the whole state of Georgia cowering in a corner afraid to STOP and say NO MORE, if you do not like the ways of this state MOVE!
Gideon Bibles in Georgia cabins spark debate with governor in Bible Belt state
When will the Euro-American people take back their beliefs?
ATLANTA — When Ed Buckner and his family went to a north Georgia state park to celebrate his son’s birthday, he was surprised and concerned to find Bibles in the state-owned cabin he had rented (Surprised? ) I guess that he does not get out much?
 An atheist, Buckner believes that no religious literature should be provided in government-owned lodging, and he presented that concern to management at the Amicalola Falls State Park.
Definition of an atheist, A person the does not believe in a Supreme Being however, does believe in all of the Greek gods?
atheist,  ˈeɪ θi ɪstShow Spelled [ey-thee-ist] Show IP, a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. Origin: 1565–75;  < Greek áthe ( os ) godless + -ist
OR to cut to the chase.
A very lonely, sad, confused, person selfish enough to be hell bent on making everyone else on earth feel the same?

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