Native American Allergies/Chemicals

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I have posted about this many time however it keeps coming back as a question so I'll keep answering.

Native American Allergies should also include chemicals. I knew all of my life that I was allergic to penicillin because as a nosy boy I was in the doctor's office getting stitched for something.

lately I found out that I am also allergic to Coumadin.

After these past operations I have been going through we can put the gas used to put you under for an operation on the list plus whatever chemical used to bring you back if they are in a hurry to get your bed.

I am OK with the gas part to go under as long as the doctors and nurses know that it takes a native a lot longer to come back after using it.

However, if they insist on rushing thing, remember who has to clean up the mess after that chemical.

Bottom line is remember to talk to your doctor about the missing enzyme.

A native American is a native American no matter what part of Indian country you are from.



The doctors now know about our missing enzyme, at least many do so speak up.

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