Question from the Russian Federation,Translating Unkas (Uncas)?

The Russian Federation

welcome to the City of Barnaul Altaisky krai in the Russian Federation

to one of my posting on Wordpress from another of my blogs looking for

Translating Unkas (Uncas)?

I am pleased to have a visitor from your great country visit my humble little blogger.

I do get a number of internet hits from Russia however, my tracker cannot trace back to many of them so that I can write back?

I am not sure what it is that you were looking for at both sites?

Maybe this information will help you?

The first ruler of my people (tribe) after they separated from the mother tribe (Pequot's) was their war chief Unkas.

Much later someone in the then new ruling government changed the spelling to read Uncas?

So you see, Sachem Unkas (Uncas) was our first ruler and in this tribe we call him Grand Sachem Chief Uncas.

If this information did not answer your questions feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer?


I also wrote about Kashaya People were visited by some of the Russia people

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