Archaeologist Dr. Lucianne Lavin's follow up

On May 2nd 2013 I wrote a posting about Connecticut Native Americans

May 2, 2013

Today July 6th 2013 I received another article By Randall Beach rbeach@nhregister.com /

RANDALL BEACH: What we don't know about the first residents of our state could fill a book

Published: Saturday, July 06, 2013

As stated earlier, she is selling books, she is none native and before deciding to write a book she stated that she knew nothing about my people however, I still say that she did a good article and I would guess good book.

In this posting  I have the opportunity to bring out the women in our past ancestry because she did.

My people and other eastern native people were of a Matriarch society, not true today, women had very important positions in a tribe, indeed a few where Sachem Chiefs.

Dr. Lucianne Lavin stated that

"They’re (most none natives) also were unaware that Native American women could initiate a divorce. (More on that later.)"

So I jumped to the more on that later.

"Native American women were also way, way ahead of our women’s liberation movement."

 “Unlike the white women who settled here, Indian women owned property and had control of the children.”

“And they could divorce,” she added. “They owned the wigwam and almost everything in it. So you just put your husband’s hunting equipment outside the wigwam and you’re divorced!”

I hope that she covered this in a lot more detail in her book because although divorce as with marriage was easier back then, it was a little harder than just removing his or her property from the round house. Our ancestors had ceremonies for everything including what she called divorce, because the people did nothing without the permission through Sachem from Creator so, it would take a ceremony with the tribe on hand.

Lavin listed the five key words she uses in her book to describe Native Americans: longevity, continuity, complexity, sophistication and adaptability.

I list one Spirituality, because this would include her five things.

I believe that, taking everything that I have included in both of my postings, I still would like a chance to read her book?

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