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Sachem Uncas/ Chief Homer St. Francis 06/07/2013



10/9/12 He was a chief



To my  Sachem Uncas and chief Homer St. Francis posting



One of my dear friends and a mentor was never a Sachem, no disrespect to a great man.


As you can see from that posting I must treat the taking of information to use as your own as dishonest.


I must also point out blatant mistakes or downright lies.


As I tried to explain to the writer and students at this school.


Daniel Hand High School.


A chief throughout the eastern coast of Indian country has a completely different meaning then our brothers out west of the Mississippi river.


Our people called their leader by a different name.


Down through the years the spelling of the name, as with everything else since first contact has changed a little.


My tribal people called him/her Sachem (Sa-Chum).


As for the word chief, it started with elder warriors, he or them became known as our War Chiefs after first contact.


This person or persons was the protector of the village whenever necessary for the young warriors to leave for a time.


This was a loving way to show respect to older warriors that the Clan Mothers wish to protect from themselves (too old to battle or hunt effectively).


My dear friend chief Homer St. Francis became one of these chiefs through a ceremony from our Sachem while on one of his many visits.


You also made a visit to a few of our past chiefs.


The Story of Harold Tantaquidgeon By Virginia Frances Voight


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