Sachem Uncas/ Chief Homer St. Francis

Welcome to the visitor from Daniel Hand High School City Madison Connecticut

To someplace out on the internet almost making it to my website and/or blog?

I believe that you may have landed on one of the sites because you removed a photo of my long time friend Chief Homer St. Francis, withot asking for permission I might add.

You were looking for am image of one of my ancestors Sachem Uncas? you jumped the gun a little.

Homer St. Francis was a Abenaki Chief, hence the word Chief before the name.

Uncas was the first Sachem of my people, hence the word Sachem before his name.

I know you are only a high school however, this is what happens often when white people assume.

The word assume is not a native word so this may have been part of the mistake, only problem now is that all of the 1290 students have the wrong information.

So what do we do about this?

I guess that I can come up to your school and teach about our people however, I am now to old to drive so someone would need to provide transportation?

I go nowhere without Breanna and Donna so make it three?

If someone read the caption I placed under the photo maybe this mistake would not have happened?

Chief Homer St. Francis of the St. Francis Sokoki Band of the Abenaki at Missisquoi was a good friend of my father (Sachem Zeak) and Grandfather (Sachem Tallfox)a real true teaching Mentor American Natives Elder for me and so many others while we were growing up on our REZ in Uncasvillage!


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