Follow up on Native American Church

March 23, 2013

If you check back you will see that I had two questions from the same state, from two different blogs.

One I liked and wrote about, one that I did not like because as usual the site corralled all Native Americans into one category like they would their cattle and decided that their answer was the only correct one?

This second question should have been answered first however, because of the subject matter I needed a little cooling off period.

This needs to be talked about each time it come up in the media, websites or blogs, because if not the non knowing public, like this writer, will take this mistake as a fact?

There are still well over three thousand tribes throughout Indian country and most have their own idea about a church.

Mine is no different.

To me the first thing we need to get out of the way is, we have never used weed (drugs) or chemicals in any of our ceremonies and still do not.

This is one of the main reasons why we do not do religion.

No true traditional Sachem in the east would ever allow this to go on.

Another reason why we tried to hold our monthly meeting in a different area, besides making it a little easier for our elders.

This makes sure that each meeting stays as close as possible to our ancestors wishes.

We have always and will always get our high in prayer (talks) with the Creator of all creation and the love of all creation.

We also do not only use a building to speak with Creator, Yes for many years we held some of our meeting in a church.

 However, we believe that at any time any place one stops to pray, that is our church.

The Alaska Native's have Totem Poles, the western natives have Peyote. the Lakota have Sundance, the Apache have the Ghost dance and we have the Paw-paus.

I am sure that I left out a few tribes but you get the drift?

This is why information about our people should never be written by a non native of a wannabe native, you want information about a tribe? Please ask a member of that tribe.

You want to read something about any tribe?

Read something written by a member of that tribe.

If you wish information about anything in your state, would you read something written about your state from a native of another country?

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