Native American Occult (again)

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 Native American Occult.

I have been writing about this for many years and am willing to keep on writing for as long as it remains a question.

I know that if you were to leave your great city and head into bush country (Australia), you could still see your natives practicing their occult.

Nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned.

However, I can tell you what I have been saying for over 25 years now.

I know why you are so confused.

The words Native American in this country has significantly changed since my elders crossed (became ancestors).

Wannabe natives from our area want so bad to become natives that they study, steal, and cut and paste information from around Indian country that makes their case to be Indian look credible ?

Because they do not know our culture their writings give them away.

Central and West coast Indians come to our Native American area and push these wannabe's into believing that their ways are the only ways.

West coast and Plains Indians do have an occult following.

Not knowing the fact that our people were in our land long before many of their people were in their land, they push their occult.

The wannabe's buy into this fault thinking.

So whose way is the correct way?

The answer is, why not BOTH?

You go your way, I'll go mine?

Up until the early 1980's there was no such thing as an occult in my parts of Indian country.

What changed?

Our people started pushing hard to get our land back or reasonable pay for the land stole by these invaders.

So, the government, not wanting to do either, bought wannabe's that signed way our land?

Because the non native invaders of first contact and their lack of understanding about our culture and ceremonies (not in line with their religion, we call that an occult) our culture and ceremonies, to them were deemed an Occult.

The biggest difference and there are many, is the prayers.

We spend all of our time in the culture, ceremonies and life itself, speaking to the Creator of all creation, the occult in this country spend their life time worshiping a creation of Creator?

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