What's wrong with a MIXED BREED?

A mixed breed is a mixed breed is a mixed breed.

We have a melting pot in this country and it was a melting pot ever since first contact, maybe even before that.

99.99% of the people now living in this country are mixed breed.

Irish/English, English/Italian, Italian/Greek, Greek/Chinese, Native American/European, European/African American and so on.

What's the difference?

Cheerios ad featuring interracial family brings out the racists

One is really misinformed if you can single out one company YouTube) and call them the worst racist.

Each nationality has at one time or another been racist bigots.

A very wise lady constantly reminds me that if this world finally becomes light tan we can remove racist bigotry from Mother Earth.

I say wrong. Because then we will become racist bigots because one has longer hair or one is now too light?

Come on world, it's a commercial get over it, with all of the things fighting against us we have to war with each other?


By the way. Oats, along with many other things, are good for your heart!

Forget plain cereal, I am now switching back to CHEERIOS.

God bless Vice President of Marketing Camille Gibson

Have I read any of the comments, NO.

Will I ever read any of the comments, NO!

It's only an ad


I am a melting pot mixed breed. Native American, Irish, African American, if there is a problem, the solution is simple one.

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