Adopted into a tribe by a chief

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Looking for information about being adopted into a tribe by a chief?

Once again I must remind my readers that I am teaching about my people around the New England area. Although I do know a little, because of teaching from elders out west, I am no expert, in fact I am not even an expert over on this side of Indian country, I just try to keep the teaching of our elders alive in the hearts of all wishing to learn.

That said, I cannot comment on the adoptions into tribes in California or the surrounding areas, please add your area to your question if this is what you are looking for? I hope that this is helpful, if not read on.

My elders, now ancestors, made it perfectly clear that adoptions are with the approval of the Sachem of a East Coast tribe, a chief in our tribe has only enough power, provided by the Sachem and/or the Head Clan Mother, to do the job assigned to him or her?

Also, Adoptions Ceremony are not to be taken lightly, if someone over on the east side of the Mississippi river adopts you within a day or so, that person is a phony and your adoption is useless and against the wishes of our ancestors.

There is no need to know or wonder if you have the blood, at the beginning of the ceremony the Head Clan Mother or Sachem will let you know. If for any reason the Sachem or Head Clan Mother assigns someone to follow you through your journey (ceremony) that person becomes your Chief and only after a discussion with you by the Head Clan Mother and/or Sachem, this way you know you are in the real ceremony and not some fly by night wannabe chief, sometimes calling themselves Spiritual leaders.

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