Effective Protest

We, the Natives in this country, have at least two thing to learn from our neighbors.

First, If you wish to succeed with getting your point across with any protest, hit them where it hurts.

In the pocketbook.

Second, we must learn how to go about becoming united in one cause at a time.

Third, remember cause number one an two.

Someday you may need their help in your protest?

Every company in Indian Country that delivers to those People Killers must be protested against throughout Indian Country.

Find out who is selling to Whiteclay and NEVER buy their products, no matter where in Indian Country you live.

Budweiser and Coors are just two.

This is not asking too much because there are only a few buildings in Whiteclay.

Protesters file complaint over beer sales to Native Americans in Whiteclay

Pine Ridge, like the Keystone pipeline is a problem for all of Indian Country.

We as a people have allowed this situation to go on for far too long.

No, we cannot shut down Whiteclay Nebraska however, we can refuse to buy anything from companies that cater to those PEOPLE in Whiteclay.

"MAUNETTE LOEKS / STAR-HERALD-Nebraskans for Peace, with Native American activists Duane Martin Sr. and Frank LaMere leading (center), protested the distributorship of alcohol to Whiteclay, Neb., retailers. The group asserts that High Plains Budweiser, who distributes alcohol to the retailers in its sales area, and Anheuser-Busch companies, knowingly provide alcohol to people transporting alcohol illegally onto the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation".

Protesters file complaint over beer sales to Native Americans in Whiteclay


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