Washburn's Bold Plan to Fix Interior's Federal Recognition Process

We must learn to clear out the wannabe Indians however, recognize the true traditional native Americans?
Win some, lose some

Washburn's Bold Plan to Fix Interior's Federal Recognition Process

Gale Courey Toensing

June 28, 2013

"A draft proposal of far-reaching revisions to the Interior Department’s process for federal acknowledgment of Indian tribes is being hailed as the best thing to happen in decades to a system that’s been described as broken, long, expensive, burdensome, intrusive, unfair, arbitrary and capricious, less than transparent, unpredictable, and subject to undue political influence and manipulation."  



Blumenthal Stirs Opposition to Federal Recognition – Again

Gale Courey Toensing

July 19, 2013

Win one lost one?

There are no Eastern Pequot's however, there always was, is and will be a Schaghticoke Tribe.


"Blumenthal is perhaps best known in Indian country for his successful effort in 2005 to reverse the federal acknowledgment of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation (EPTN) and the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation (STN), which were given Final Determinations in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

After a relentless and orchestrated campaign of opposition against the STN by local, state and federal elected officials led by Blumenthal and an anti-Indian sovereignty group and its powerful White house-connected lobbyist, Barbour Griffith & Rogers (BGR), the BIA in an unprecedented move issued Reconsidered Final Determinations and took away both tribes’ federal acknowledgment. (Related story: Judge denies Schaghticoke federal recognition appeal)"


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