Ghost, Gobbling and Spirits

Ghosts, Goblins  and Spirits, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sorry my friends but this is going to be a very long posting.

Before we get started on today's teaching I wish to remind you that I am not an expert in anything.

However, I have a secret.

After over 70 years of stumbling, bumbling and learning mostly the hard way, I have now been taking the easy road, so to speak.

Welcome to two more cities to my websites and blog looking for the truth about ghosts and spirits.

Once again I am getting far too many questions about Spirits, Why?

Mostly because now there are so many people with little or no knowledge about our Spirituality and are out teaching, many with another alternative, too take your money!

There are two main ways to do anything, the right way and the wrong way.

How to tell if you are doing things the right or the wrong way?

Is it working?

95% of the people answering to these questions have effectively taken Creator our of the equation!


Think about it for awhile, which spirit will thrive by the removal of the Supreme Being from any equation?

First things first, if you believe that you have a spirit or spirits around you, believe that praying for help from your Creator can handle any spirit, good or bad.

Now you know my secret.

No matter what your question or your answer is ALWAYS include prayer for Creators answer (never a charge), simple right?

City Martinsburg  West Virginia

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10/25/11 Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?

City Hanover  New Hampshire

Native American things to get rid of spirits

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September 18, 2012 They should never be alone

Some of the far too many quotes out on the internet telling you how to get rid of Ghost (Spirits).

“(One way the Native Americans used is a Sage ceremony.

Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, if they don't, turn to the exorcist, who will be able to remove the ghosts.

Be aware that things could get kind of freaky in a matter of seconds, as ghosts often don't realize that they are ghosts. WHAT?

What Crystals Can Help With Getting Rid of Negative Spirits? None if you don’t have an open heart and mind.

The easiest way to get rid of a ghost is to simply ask it to leave.

Use a firm voice?

Sometimes you may have to ask what the spirit wants?

Spirits once they come into your life they are very difficult if not impossible to get rid of.

Having them attached to you can only mean one thing!

The best way to get rid of ghosts is to ignore them.

The best way to get Sweet grass is to buy it at Native American retail outlets? What is a Native American retail outlet? Must be a new Strip Mall?

1.Bundle of dried white sage, 2.Bundle of dried cedar, 3.A braid of Sweet grass, 4.Stone or Earthen bowl, 5.Small amount of sand, 6.A large feather, 7.An open mind and heart, this helps the healing to come through in a clear way ?

I guess that you must buy this at a retail store?

The only thing that you really do need is the open mind and heart.)"

 " One must be cleansed of any bad feelings, negative thoughts, bad spirits or negative energy, cleansed both physically and spiritually.

Native people use herbs to accomplish this.

One ceremony to burn certain herbs, "smudging." the three plants most frequently used in smudging are sage, cedar, and sweet grass.

" Sorry, wrong again, all you really need is Creator, everything else is a form of prayer that helps you block out everything except your prayer and why you are praying.


All ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart so that we can pray, sing, and walk in a sacred manner, and be helped by the spirits to enter the sacred realm.

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