What is a wannabe Indian?

Welcome to the visitor from the City Waterdown  Ontario Canada, 

 to one of my postings about,

How come today, mixed-race 'Native Americans' look 'Irish' or 'German' or 'European'??

If you have even a drop of native blood and are reading about this question from most of the people on the internet not all just the (EXPERTS), you can tell them to start with this answer, "they are WANNABES"!

For the many people that are answering the question "What is a wannabe Indian"

Get up brush yourself off comb your hair then look into a mirror and point forward!

To the people that honestly want to know, “ a wannabe is anyone not holding to the culture, ceremonies, ancestors, and Creators ways. No matter what the color, race, religion, or beliefs. PERIOD!”


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