Because of the tracker I am able to respond again

Once again because of a comment, I get to write another posting, this is always a good thing.

It also gives me a chance to help explain why I avoid Texting and Chat rooms as with the Plague!

My sometimes limited grasp of grammar.

If I get busy around the old homestead and rush with an answer to any question,

I sometime skip words in a hurry to finish, many times without meaning too hurt long time friends.

Because of the comment page, you get to ask questions, point out other facts and join in on some of my postings, also a good thing.

Another comment from a friend, no name without permission, is giving me a renewed reason to hop on the changes on going with the culture and ceremonies that many people spent years teaching a very inquisitive, sometimes interfering little boy and always doing so from love.

Today is

 "Ask not what you can do for the people, Ask what can I get from the people"!

Always remember my friends, that it is people like you that keep me in the battle against the majority daily.

Also always remember to thank our ancestors for any 'knowledge' getting out of me and into a blog.

Getting up in age as with every elder, a real limit with the grasp of the English language, no known offspring caring about the culture, time and health, I fear that the ancestors knowledge will pass as is happening far too often with the elders.

So thanks to my many true friends, I try to get what is allowed in writing for all to compare, as we all should, to the thousands of newer ideas about our past, our culture and ceremonies?

Sometime it may seem to a new reader, maybe even to some older readers, that I am a bit of a stickler with some wordings.

However, as many of my friends have noticed, one change at a time and soon?

Annihilation through Assimilation!

Knowing well that Creator will always continue with the proper respect to ancestors of all humans, I still enjoy my time with you on my websites and blog.

In all of my many travels around Indian country I have never met a true traditional elder that believes that the so many new changes in our culture and ceremonies is good for our people?

The next time that you are at a gathering of our people please ask, "What is a president, councilor, chairmen, arena, arena director, gatekeeper, paid dancers, paying to come enjoy a gathering, trampling all over another tribes culture or ceremonies, instant 'Indian names' 'instant adoption' into a true traditional tribe doing in our culture and ceremonies? "

So many other changes that would never have been tolerated by your ancestor and you who do this know that I speak the truth.

The most damaging thing of all to our ways is seldom spoken about?


An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which incongruous or seemingly contradictory terms appear side by side.

"Why is the occult now running so many of our gatherings, culture and ceremonies?"

So, why do so now, when the truth today is even more critical than ever to get out for all to see and understand?

Believe it or not it has never been nor should it be now only about the money.
It however, is always about speaking with your Supreme Being!

Thank you my friends for allowing me to vent so often.

Who knows, maybe someday you will take up the torch to be carried with pride from the ancestors?


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