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Asking why do I just talk about New England when teaching about our ancestors?

I stand corrected.

Thank you for your great question.

You are correct when you pointed out that New York and parts of North East Canada should be included in my teaching.

Sometimes the most obvious questions are overlooked by a teacher and it takes an inquiring mind to get to that question/answer.

My only defense would be, while growing up around tribal monthly meetings, each time a speaker included New York into a speech about New England, an elder from our neighboring state took great pride in stating that New York is not a part of New England.

To a child growing up around so many terrific teachers (elders) from so many different parts of our past from our ancestors, it made very little sense not including them all?

However. not knowing that it was just a friendly game of teasing among friends and family while at those meetings I did not question at the time.

It is a ‘respect your elders thing that I do need to get over’, sorry.

It is hard to believe sometimes that our ancestors traveled and did so often.

Traveling the powwow trail one will meet members of the Mohiigan (Pequot/Mohegan) tribe of mixed bloods cast out by this government from Northeast Canada to the tip of Florida and out to the Mississippi river.

Our last visit to the Keys watching the sunset inches from the end of Florida, we met a few of those brothers playing cards and enjoying life in the sunshine state.

In the great state New York and for sure your Long Island, there are many decedents from the ancestors (Mohiigan) tribe.

I often state 'New England' because once you leave our area tribal ceremonies do change.

In the New England/New York/Canada area, I have been too many ceremonies that faithfully following our ancestors traditions, my new friend.

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