Wiccans and Native Americans cast spells alike

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"Wiccans and Native Americans cast spells alike would there be anything Rastafarians do that's similar?" "I was hoping I could go along and try something for a friend that's being controlled by a spirit."

1st, Rastafarians is a way of speaking English Jamaican Creole style, beautiful language  far from evil.

People in what you are calling Wiccan may or may not cast spills, none of my business however, comparing Wicca to Native American Spirituality is like comparing the taste of Oranges to the taste of Apples, not even close?

I do believe that a person can be controlled by a spirit only because of the fact that there are two gods in the world today.

Some religions believe in many gods.

One is a Supreme Being we call by many names, Grandfather, Great Spirit and Creator are just a few.

The other god was created by our Grandfather Creator.

There are many spirits in this world and unfortunately some are what you are calling bad spirits sent by this meager little creation.

If you do have a spirit on a visit with you from Grandfather, count your blessing.

If however, you have a so called bad spirit visiting with you it is only because you allowed this spirit to visit, just tell it to leave?

There has never been, is not now and will never be a human that can cast a spill into or out of anything without the permission of the Creator of creation, so stop believing a lie?


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