What is a Shechaim

Because of so many people, places, and things using an ancient Algonquian word and using it incorrectly, and after many months of prayer I must now violate a long standing commitment to the elders only with permission of the ancestors, the correct spelling of a royal name well known as Sachem Uncas is better known to my people as ( She-Chaim Unkas).

sachem on Line, sachem school, sagamore, sachem Inc, chief, sachem ny patch, narragansett sachem, sachem yacht club, sachem east, sachem community and on and on?

Many of you have seen or heard about a fictional film from a fictional book written about the so called French/Indian War, written by one of my relations and the grandson of a royal family member, "The Last of the Mohicans"?

As you know I have slammed this book/movie/ many times because of the many inaccurate insinuations and liberties taken throughout the book and the film.

What you do not know is a little known fact conveniently placed toward the ending, as in the real name for our royal leaders throughout the Eastern parts of Indian country?

Sachem or correctly pronounced as ( She-Chaim) Tamenund, the Delaware Tribal Supreme Leader at the time of the French/Indian War (correctly known to my people as the English/French War on our land).

Every known true traditional tribe throughout the east side of the Mississippi should have known about this inaccurate spelling by the English and my ancestors have grown tired of the wait for their correction?

Also of interest in today's society is the right and left hands of this She-Chaim.

Sa´chem`dum~ The jurisdiction of a Sachem ( She-Chaim) in other words any counsel such as Clans, Chiefs, Warrior, and Elders.

Side note of interest, the first time a friend (Shawnee mixed) asked for me to sit to watch this film on TV, when it came to the leader of the great tribe of the Delaware, she stopped, reversed the film and questioned the pronunciation, why couldn't the leaders of so many modern 'nations' do the same?



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