Will Someone Die in a New Age Sweat Lodge this Week-end?

Paying to Pray?

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The mega insult to indigenous people's around the world and just another reason why Sacred Ceremonies should only be acknowledged by true traditional qualified Spiritual Elders!

If you wish to do a sweat, get correctly qualified, you want to go to a sweat, ask an elder.

How and why our people living throughout Indian country allowed non natives to do a sweat, or any other sacred ceremony, is beyond me?

Of course I cannot get over the meek intolerance of native elders allowing all of our ceremonies to be watered down and 'performed' as in a sideshow, by others?

A naming ceremony has been the biggest joke on our people for over 15 years now and allowed to continue?

This is the reason why every true traditional ancestor from every tribe throughout Indian country  would never allow recording of ceremonies and sacred regalia, it keeps all phonies at bay while it is  in materialization?

Thank you to my visitor from New Hampshire for your question

Will Someone Die in a New Age Sweat Lodge this Week-end?

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

As you my friends can attest to, I have been complaining since long before receiving my first computer in 1995 about religions holding our ceremonies, this is just another reason why?

A sweat is not only for our people, please come and enjoy a sweat, NO CHARGE!

All you need do is sit and learn about a sweat, why we do a sweat and know to be respectful of our beliefs?

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