Native American pre marriage ceremonies

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Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)

Native American pre marriage ceremonies

First, if I may be so bold, I must make a correction being spread across the internet?

The sites that you are reading are of my people along the East coast of Indian Country.

A Pre Marriage ceremony is not now nor has it ever been a practice of my relations across the Pequot river.

The New Pequot Nation.

As usual what goes on at all of our Sacred Ceremonies will never be written because of the phonies and wannabe's that steal and misuse for profit.

Goods, other than Kinnick, Kinnick are never be exchanged at a Sacred Ceremony, period!

It is true that my ancestors were first known as the Mohiingans and did use this practice however, it was lost until our ancestor Shechaim Unkas (Sachem Uncas) started it back up again as soon as he and his people crossed the river now known as the Thames.

The Pre Marriage ceremony as with all of our ceremonies originally came from Kiehtan our Creator.

We must remember that a Matriarch Society is built around total respect to our females.

A Patriarch society is built around the interests of man.

The pre marriage meetings for our people is not a requirement for marriage, it is a request from Kiehtan through the spiritual leader.

At this meeting the couple and any member of the soon to be wedding, will learn everything that will take place on that blessed day, the couple and any person directly involved will then know what is expected of them by Creator during the wedding.

The couple will learn where to stand and why, will learn about the regalia and why it is used and all of the sacred blessings from Kiehtan through your ancestors.

That said, please remember, whatever happens during the wedding will not be judged, after all it is a fun, loving, first day for the rest of your lives.

A Matriarch Society

Matriarchal is when women have control of a community.

Matriarchal societies do not mean that the women hold more power than the men. Inheritance and lineage does not equal power.

Matriarchal is the gravitating toward or centering on the mother.

Native American's were well known to have a matriarchal system.

Most early societies were organized around Matriarchal lines.

Women were the center of society, before agriculture, women generally raised children, cooked, gathered fruits, vegetables, etc.

Men hunted.

In this role, women were the first scientists.

They learned how to cultivate plants, and domesticate animals.

They learned methods of food preservation.

They learned how to build better home.

A Patriarch society

In a system based on patriarchy, not only the social system is male dominated.

As a rule, the government is male dominated as well.

The practical impact of a patriarchal system is that women are frequently considered second-class citizens and often exploited.

In a patriarchy, women are often not allowed to hold positions of power, vote, or own property, male-dominated societies can be found from cultures dating back thousands of years.

Just about all of the tribes up and down the east coast were of a Matriarchal societies.

It is sad to say that in modern time members of tribes of the Patriarch society have been allowed to take control of many older eastern tribes?




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