what does it mean to be sacred to Native Americans

Thank you to the City Phoenix Arizona
for your visit to one of my websites while looking for an answer to your question
what does mean to be sacred to Native American?
Good question and I am happy to answer however, please allow for me to give my little speech first?
Because your city/state is over in the south west and my people are over on the north east questions and their answers may or may not differ between tribes, that said one must believe Sacred is pretty universal?
Just in case, my words to you would have to be,
Sacred- a strong belief in a Supreme Being (in my case Kiehtan the Creator of all creation), so strong that you must place this being above all else long before you act or speak, making sure that your words and/or actions please you Supreme Being before you displease others?
A constant prayer (a conversation) with your Supreme Being daily well help you in your walk through life.
now that I have you totally confused, let's see some of our examples?
Sacred Naming ceremony, Sacred Crossing ceremony, Sacred, Burial ceremony, Sacred Marriage ceremony, Sacred Adoption ceremony and so on, each and every one of our ceremonies in our culture is a ceremony passed down from generation to generation and as always, started and completed with prayer and then blessing to and then from Kiehtan the Creator of all creation, without this blessing the ceremony is null and void!


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