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Welcome to the visitor from the city of Glenview Nas Illinois

To a number of my posting about Native Americans and the Occult.

To start with this is another oxymoron statement

'Pequot Occult'?

In fact Native American in the occult is also an oxymoron!

Because your city is northwest and the people that your question is about lived in the northeast, I need to go backwards to dig into our past to answer a question for this day.

My people now called the Mohegan's English word, came from the English name Pequot's or Pequins, came from the Mohiingans our true name and those ancestors came from around the Great Lakes area.

The Mohiingans were of a Matriarch society and believers of our Supreme Being we call Kiehtan the Creator of all creation.

The occult god was created by Kiehtan for many reasons, most known only to Kiehtan, I believe to keep the people in prayer to our Creator.

If one wishes to follow Kiehtan one could never be able to follow this creation.

Not if one is truly a follower of Kiehtan?

In today's world it is hard to believe that any Native American that puts greed and money before Kiehtan could truly not be worshipping the occult.

There is nothing wrong with money, money, like guns is not a bad thing.

A gun will sit on a shelf until it rots away to nothing or someone or something picks it up.

A gun will never hurt unless someone hits you with it or shoots you.

Money is a necessary way of life in the world today and can only corrupt if you place it up as your god?

Many of the so called tribes on the east side of the Mississippi river have become polluted from greed of this money so yes, some are now in worship of the occult god.
Some are no longer a true traditional tribe.

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