No show at a ceremony

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To a few of my postings looking for information as to,

what happen if you do not show up for the native American naming ceremony?

If when you say 'you' it was me that did not show, I had better have a real good reason or I will be spending a lot more time on my knees for forgiveness. Losing a lot of Kinnick, Kinnick would also be taking place.

Thank you for this question and it looks like a prayer and a "I am truly sorry" is in order?

I personally have never had this problem, so my first question would have to be, who was it that did not show?

If the pre-naming ceremony was not held or a blessing from Kiehtan (along with Creators name for the person in question) was not received, go for another time.

If it was anyone other than the Spiritual Leader, the person expecting the name, the person or persons standing in and of course Kiehtan our Creator, the ceremony can continue if the group wish?

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