European Roots for Native Americans?

This is funny if one thinks about it?

I have been to hundreds of gatherings, powwows, pot lucks, and monthly meetings since age 6 until Grandfather Kiehtan takes me home that are put on by native American tribes not able to receive help from this government because they could not jump through enough hoops to qualify.

This foreigner comes to our country (New Mexico) stating that this one drop of DNA from a Siberian clan member shows that our people may or may not come from Eastern Siberian and may or may not come from West Siberian or Eastern Europe and he gets his name in the papers?

Just to be clear and that you understand and the DNA expert (Eske Willerslev, a University of Copenhagen) knows.

My ancestors never stated in their story telling anything about where our people came from before crossing the Bering Land Bridge.

Nor did they state that our decedents were also Vikings only the direction our ancestors came from, modern science placed the directions to and from.

An analysis of ancient DNA from a 24,000-year-old Siberian skeleton generates a new model for the original peopling of the Western Hemisphere.

Native Americans may not have descended from East Asians who crossed the Bering Land Bridge more than 15,000 years ago, according to a new genomic analysis of a millennia-old Siberian skeleton.

A portion of the nuclear DNA recovered from the upper arm bone of a 4-year-old boy that was buried near the Siberian village of Mal’ta about 24,000 years ago is shared by modern Native Americans and no other group.

But the boy appears to have been descended from people of European or western Asian origin.

One boy does not make for a super scientific discovery, at least it did not while I was in school?

While we are on this subject, Siberian people use Round Houses.

Our people use Round Houses?

There homes are anchored down with boulders’ because of their weather.

Ours are built started by using trees still growing in the ground?

I also believe but cannot prove that both the Siberian village and our people came from around Asia?

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