Beliefs in Spiritualism


Welcome to someone from Japan, town unknown two visits?

Looking for information about our belief in Spiritualism.

On an older website

Native American Spiritualism

I have included a site about Shinto, I am not an expert in this, while looking for some information a was intrigued with so much similarities between beliefs?

Japan Spiritualism

The Way of the Gods

Ancient Japanese elevated this fascination with nature into what was later called Shinto, the Way of the Gods. This belief system that imbued every mountain, every stream, and even impressive trees with a spirit. These deities, known as kami, were considered cheerful and friendly to humans. If kept satisfied, they would watch over human affairs and refrain from causing natural disasters.

The name Kami is close to Kiehtan, we also believe the Kiehtan, although one supreme being is in everything Mother Nature (Shinto).

If humans keep abusing Mother Earth she often retaliates with earthquakes, hurricanes, Typhoons, tornados and so forth. However, Kiehtan (Kami) cares very much for creation?

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