Information about traditional teaching

My friends will you please join me in prayer to your Supreme Being or belief for this visitor?

I receiver this question in my tracker on 10 Nov, Sun, 20:00:00 from City Cebu Philippines

I did not get to this tracker until today.

I have been praying about this because for now only our Creator knows if or when my visitor will receive my answers?

At this point in time I do not even know if the question was for native eyes, except my site was the only one clicked on?

Traditional Native American (Indian ) Burial Information. http://mysmudgingblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/traditional-native-american-burial.html

I am going to answer in faith and leave the rest up to this persons Supreme Being.

Better sites for native American answers on my postings might be of a little more help with your quest for answers my friend?

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Super Typhoon Haiyan

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