Chief Homer St. Francis

In "Today's World" you call my good friend and one of my better mentors chief?

Long before many of you were even a twinkly in your fathers eye's, my grandfather, Shechaim Tallfox, the last true Grand Shechaim of the

 In a Paw Pus ceremony names him Shechaim of the Wabenaki (now known as Abenaki) people back sometime in the 1950's.

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Looking for an Image of St. Francis new England?

I had over a dozen photos in by last computer of our old friend that I would have been glad to send to you however, the computer was stolen last year up on Indiana, sorry.

Chief Homer St. Francis of the St. Francis Sokoki Band of the Abenaki

 at Missisquoi was a good friend of my father (Sachem Zeak) and a real

 True teaching Mentor American Natives Elder for me.

 and so many others while we were growing up on our village in Uncasvillage!

I have no idea why this tripod is claiming the photo however, it doesnot belong to them and you are welcome to it.

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