Tribal Matriarchs

Welcome to my visitor from the great city of Wien (Vienna) Austria.
Looking for information about our Head Clan Mothers.
I see that you must be a return visitor because you came
directly to my blog bypassing search engines?
Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe.
I was just reading a posting on
Paul’s Pelicans on the blog posting of
Walking with the Alligators
Speaking for those with no voice
About her Grandfather who was Prussian, and a man from Germany,
Paul Kroegel, came to Florida from Germany as a child  in 1881 
and left his mark on it and the world of wild life forever.
Small world, anyway welcome back and again I hope that you found what you were looking for?
If not please feel free to look around this posting on my WordPress blog?
An indigenous tribes Matriarch
You can also contact me at

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