Remembrance Day

Determined to survive

Gene Klein, a Holocaust Auschwitz concentration camp survivor is one of only a very few left teaching about the truth in our past, because he is our past!

Gene Klein talks about how he was separated from his father, who was executed, at the Auschwitz concentration camp at the Lady Lake Library in Lady Lake, Fla., on Monday, Jan. 27, 2014.

Klein was sent to a work camp in Wolfsburg about three weeks after arriving at Auschwitz. (Brett Le Blanc / Daily Commercial)

Mr. Klein is not a hero, he is a victim of a brutal monster and his willing thugs.

No matter what some people try to tell us, we must never forget!

Remembrance Day the Holocaust.

If you are of indigenous decent you should be keeping that part of our past fresh in your mind because, anyone that tries to convince you that any holocaust never existed, you must question why they wish for you to believe this?

If you are of Jewish, Native American, African, Mexican, Puerto Rican or any other indigenous decent, your ancestors were brutalized by bullies for one reason.

Because all of our ancestors allowed this to happen by thinking that if they ignored it, it would go away!

It will not go away!

Think about this if you will?

Why do we have

(Skinheads) in the world?

Because everyone of them wants to turn us into their slaves!

Why do we have the


To turn anyone not 100% White into their personal slave!

Talking about the Ku-Klux-Klan,

why do they all feel the need to wear those

ridiculous costumes while being interview?

Because each one of them are cowards!

Why would our media keep on interviewing them?

You must answer that question on your own.

However, it makes one wonder doesn't it?

What really is upsetting to Shechaim Ohjieshan is knowing that many of you go to a powwow looking to learn about our culture and ceremonies, not knowing that many 'new way gatherings' are run by Whites, members of the Occult and/or the KKK?

Obama honors Holocaust Remembrance Day

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