Native American blanket Ceremony

There is at least one another question that might be hidden with-in this question.

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Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional)

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Wampanoag native American blanket ceremony what are they singing?

Because I was not at that gathering and have not since they became recognized, I did not see the ceremony and because you came to this one site of ours plus it does not look as though you received an answer on the internet, I will answer as I see both of your questions?

There is a Blanket dance ceremony in our culture for a collection to a well know cause, as in someone is ill.

The blanket is used during most of many of our ceremonies as with the Wedding Ceremony.

In my culture, the Mohiigan people of Uncasvillage, each ceremony song is at the discretion of the lead drum, usually a slow dance as in a Friendship Dance.

I pulled this off the internet as an example however, this is one of many types fit for any number of women’s dance?

Because this question came from New England the answer should help, if you wish that particular dance you must ask someone from their tribe?

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