Can non Native American enter the circle?

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To one of my posting on a ceremony with our tribe.

Naming Ceremony Protocol

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" Can non Native American enter the circle ceremonies?"

As always when a person or persons come to my websites and/or blogs looking for answers I do my best with answers, many times people from a distance also come as with this one.

So I check to see if that person is getting answers from around their area, as with this one.

It would seem that the answer, once again is no?

I still do not understand why people with teaching websites and/or blogs do not answer questions?


In my area, New England and surrounding states your answer is, yes.

I have traveled in and around your state to gatherings however, I can only answer from many visits the Shawnee gatherings mainly because I am living with an important Shawnee Women!

Shawnee people that I have met, the answer would also be yes.

Now to make sure that answers to your question might be complete, I notice that you stopped by the Naming Ceremony Protocol Posting?

Many times in the past 25 to 30 years, the person receiving the

 "Blessing from Kiehtan Name,"

the only true way to receive our names is from our Creator,

have non-native friends and family so of course they are invited, remember, there should be at the very least one meeting with the group and the Elder of the Circle, so everyone is well-aware of protocol?
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I love it when you have question.
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