Is Fracking really safe?

It Fracking really necessary?

Look at the photo and you be the judge.

So called "Tribal Land" or not, Fracking is polluting our mother, Mother Earth!

Truth be known I care as much about the land called "Tribal Land" as these "Tribal Indians,"

not counting my WordPress friends of course, care about their poverty stricken brothers and sisters in the rest of Indian Country however, fact is fact, 'Drilling and Fracking' is not safe, pollutes and with today's alternative products not necessary!

Interior Department includes tribal land in Fracking regulation

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Obama administration released a long-awaited Fracking regulation today that places Indian Country under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management.

The controversial rules, accompanied by a lengthy 395-page document, were announced by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell in Washington, D.C. She described them as "commonsense standards" that ensure hydraulic fracturing remains a safe energy practice.

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