How to play the Whiteman's Game.

Missing Connecticut- NOT!

While it is and will always be true that I am missing Uncasvillage and all that it implies, I do not miss the embarrassing treatment of my people and the land!

Eastern's object to casino bill

Published March 25. 2015 5:08PM

Updated March 25. 2015 11:06PM

By Brian Hallenbeck

How to play the Whiteman's Game.

The two "Government Controlled Casino Indian's" want to cut the throats of all other Native American Tribes in Connecticut while being able to build more casinos!

State-recognized Indian tribes hopeful of winning federal recognition are finding fault with proposed legislation that would enable the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes to open more casinos around the state.

My ancestors must be extremely dizzy by now turning over in their graves, for this I pray for their peace.

At the very least, someone in a true traditional New England Tribe, if there are any left in New England, should be holding a massive "Crossing Ceremony" so that our ancestors that have crossed since my family's "Crossing Ceremonies" ending in 1999, might be free from the "New Age dishonorable mortification?"

I will be pleased to join in from my Archinsha (altar) to theirs if needed?

What the many 'State-Recognized tribes' do not remember or do not wish to challenge is that the two Government controlled Casino Indians pay the government big money to not allow other tribes to have casinos and if they do, the two government tribes no longer need to pay the government?

There are  at the very least a bakers, no pun intended, dozen State-Recognized tribes in New England to quadruple the payment to the government officials.

What the tribes east of the Mississippi river need to push for is the fact that their tribes have been recognized by their respective states for as long as my ancestors (hundreds of years) and sue (using a Native American Attorney) their states government officials for mistreatment of their citizens!

Baker is the 3rd large family in the Mohiigan Tribe!

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