Native American naming ceremony/prayer blanket?

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Looking for information about Native American naming ceremony and why the need for a prayer blanket?

One would tend to guess that this and a few other visits to my tracker today are from students?

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Naming Ceremony Protocol

Why do we have a naming ceremony?

First thing of the two part question other then I do not know the area of the questionnaire, would be that there are many of our ceremonies that use a blanket.

In our Naming Ceremony the blanket, if the ceremony is a true traditional, is a show to the world that this ceremony has the blessing of Kiehtan (Creator) so the person is wrapped in Kiehtan's arms and heart and only Kiehtan can give only Kiehtan can take the Sacred Name.

My people the Mohiigan's of Uncasvillage in Uncasville, Connecticut.

No, Uncasvillage is not Uncasville however, Uncasvillage is in Uncasville.

Uncasville has a casino, Uncasvillage has the oldest so the first Sweat-lodge and Prayer Alter in the Eastern part of Indian Country.

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