Adam Sandler Script

Adam Sandler Script That Caused Native Actors to Quit

I have never been much of a fan of Adam Sandler's dry sense of humor however, I am not a prune and I do watch movies with my better half like

'50 first Dates'

'Anger Management.'

Keeping the Faith

On the other hand!

This is why Film Directors get non-natives to play native parts in a movie about Native Americans.

No self respecting native would so pollute our culture with this type of garbage talk on film.

No self respecting women let alone native women should ever speak to any male, I say male because people talking and/or writing this stuff are not a man, that goes to see such a film so degrading to women let alone natives women in this country?

What's next, a comedy about the people of the Holocaust?

Maybe he would like to try his hand at the Armenian Massacres?

Not so long ago I can remember many a comic in movies the likes of Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg , Red Skeleton, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mom Mosley, Jack Benny and hundreds more without a word of filth, no disrespecting others race, culture or country!

Now, a movie cannot be scripted without sex, foul language and insults, why?

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